5 Ways to efficiently source your way to a B2B event

5 Ways to efficiently source your way to a B2B event

Do you struggle to find appropriate business conferences most relevant to you within your industry? We often underestimate the power of event reviews and first-hand experiences. Event reviews prove to be essential to decision making, and when you scroll through reviews it is essential to look for points that add value to understanding the experience and the quality of the event.

 Is the event going to be engaging enough? What am I expecting to learn or gain from an event? What are the points covered in the agenda – have there been any improvements since last year?  These are some of the many questions that rush past your mind.

For starters, here’s what you should be looking for…

What am I looking to learn?

B2B events
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The first step is to understand if the topics covered during the event interest you. Jot down your expectations – what are you looking to achieve professionally? What are my areas of interest? Is there a sub-industry within the larger umbrella where my speciality lies? Once you have clarity in terms of expectations, it becomes easier for you to choose.

What are the events available within my desired time-frame?

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With an open mind glance through the various events. For instance, the events under Marketing, HR, and other events that happen year round depending on your industry. Once you have glanced through the various events, take a brief overview on what people are saying about any previous editions to the same event that might have been held?  

Do the speakers come from diverse professional backgrounds?  

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Event speakers play a crucial role to making an event a success or a complete flop show. They can make the time spent absolutely worth your while or it’s going to be a complete waste of time. While most event organisers choose their speakers with a great deal of effort, having speakers from diverse professional backgrounds and expertise can make a world of a difference. You learn so much in terms of innovation, strategy and how brands effectively communicate. Also, an additional step could be to understand a little bit more about speakers through past interviews they may have given.

Eventible gives you the opportunity to understand what certain speakers have to say about the companies they represent, the industry and more through our section Speaker’s Corner.

Will this event be a good fit for my company needs?  

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In most cases, you represent a company. If you want to take the process a notch higher, understand not only your personal expectations but the company’s as well. Understanding and contributing to your company’s present requirement can make the world of a difference.  

It is also important to note if an event offers networking opportunities and its price point (i.e., cost vs. value). The last thing you want is to have a low-quality event at a high price tag or vice versa. Keep an eye out for reviews that have overall positive feedback.

Work with reliable and independent review platforms!  

Eventible - B2B review platform for events

This aspect cannot be emphasized on enough! While the internet is filled with individuals who want to have a point-of-view, it can often lead to you reading content or reviews that have not been checked or vetted! While you steer clear from events that have received a majority of negative reviews – Seek out platforms that you can trust.  

The more questions that are answered affirmatively, the better!

Reviews on Eventible

Source relevant independent review platforms and look out for an overall positive affirmation to the ‘why’ to attending an event. You should now feel confident in your choices for which events you would like attend based on reading reviews from past editions of those conferences!

We at Eventible have a host of solutions that we offer! We follow a three-step process to offering you the best there is. In addition to providing, you with real event reviews, we follow the Eventible Score – a unique scoring model that brings only the best events to the top of the pile! Also, our unique model where we collect reviews from attendees, speakers and sponsors helps you see unique insights from your peers based on your needs.

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