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As a busy professional, you may just never have enough free time to watch educational videos or read books to help you keep learning and improving your skills. That’s where podcasts come in, as you can listen to them anywhere, anytime, and even better, while doing other things. 

Podcasting has actually been around for a while with its roots (audio blogging) dating back to the 1980s – cheers to radio – but with the innovation of audio-visual channels like TV, social media, etc. interest in podcasts had somewhat shrunk.

  1. Introduction
  2. 20 B2B Marketing Podcasts That You’ll Must Definitely Listen
    2.1 Salesman Podcast
    2.2 The Customer Experience
    2.3 B2B Growth
    2.4 The Growth Hub
    2.5 Behind the Post
    2.6 B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast
    2.7 Copyblogger FM
    2.8 Ground Up
    2.9 B2B Better
    2.10 The GaryVee Audience Experience
    2.11 B2B Lead Gen Podcast
    2.12 Marketing Growth Podcast
    2.13 The FlipMyFunnel Podcast
    2.14 The Customer Engagement Lab
    2.15 Social Media Marketing
    2.16 The Other Side of Sales
    2.17 Noah Kagan
    2.18 The Sales Maven Podcast
    2.19 The Science of Social Media
    2.20 Invisiblia
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However, podcasting is becoming popular again and in the U.S. alone, 80 million people listen to podcasts. 

Podcasts are allowing B2B businesses to engage with potential clients, as well as provide a way for B2B professionals to learn from more experienced thought leaders who share their insights, strategies, and success stories through the medium. 

Whether you’re interested in marketing, sales, or customer experience, we have compiled a list of the best podcasts that offer valuable insights and practical advice for professionals working in the B2B space. So the next time you’re commuting to work or hitting the gym, consider giving one of these podcasts a listen.

Let’s kick off the list of 20 B2B marketing podcasts that you must listen to.

20 B2B Marketing Podcasts That You’ll Must Definitely Listen

Our list of 20 B2B marketing podcasts include:

1. Salesman Podcast

Hosted By: Will Barron

Listen to this podcast on: Apple Podcast / Website 

Average Episode Length:  10 minutes

The Salesman Podcast, hosted by Will Barron, is a must-listen for B2B marketers. With over 300 episodes to date, this podcast features a wide range of experts, including B2B marketers, industry experts, psychologists, body language experts, and influencers sharing deep insight on industry trends and topics. 

Even though the topics may not always be directly related to B2B marketing, the best B2B marketers are also skilled salespeople, and this podcast is sure to provide valuable insights and strategies for success. 

Don’t miss out on the timeless wealth of knowledge and expertise you’ll find on the Salesman Podcast.

Recommended Episode: How I Always Have a Full Pipeline of Sales | Selling Made Simple

2. The Customer Experience 

Hosted By: Ethan Beute

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Website

Average Episode Length: 25 minutes to an hour

Customer experience (CX) describes strategies and must-haves designed to make sure your customers have the best possible experience when interacting with your company. This includes every touchpoint as they journey across your funnels, as each one is key to converting your prospects. CX is also important because it helps to build strong relationships and exceed customer expectations.

If you’re in sales, marketing, or customer success, you’ll definitely want to check out this podcast. It’s packed with useful tips and insights from top experts in the field, and it’s delivered in a way that’s both entertaining and easy to understand. 

Plus, the host, Ethan Beute, is one of the best in the business. Give it a listen and see for yourself!

Recommended Episode: How Expensive is Building a Media Brand for Your Business? | The Journey

3. B2B Growth

Hosted By: Benji Block

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Website

Average Episode Length: 5 to 20 minutes

Introducing B2B Growth, the only daily podcast on this list! 

Hosted by James Carbury and produced by Sweet Fish Media, this podcast covers a wide range of topics related to B2B marketing including email marketing, sales, cold outreach, podcasting, and content marketing. 

Each episode features guests and other podcast hosts who share their expertise and experiences, and with episodes ranging from 15-20 minutes, it’s easy to fit into your busy schedule. Give B2B Growth a listen for a daily dose of marketing insights and inspiration.

Recommended Episode: Best of 2022: How to Structure a Modern Marketing Team with Gaetano DiNardi

4. The Growth Hub

Hosted By: Seija Lappalainen and Reeta Westman

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify

Average Episode Length: 15 minutes to 30 minutes

If you’re a leader in the B2B world, you won’t want to miss The Growth Hub Podcast. 

This show features top experts from top companies like HubSpot, Ahrefs, and Drift, who share their secrets for achieving high-growth success in their SaaS companies. 

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your outbound marketing strategies or just want to learn new insights from the best in the business, this podcast is a must-listen. Who knows, with their help, you might even become a guest on the show one day!

Recommended Episode: Halloween Special – Marketing Horror Stories

5. Behind The Post

Hosted By: Olivia Messina

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Youtube

Average Episode Length: 20 to 40 minutes 

If you’re interested in learning practical tips and strategies for using social media in the business-to-business industry, you should check out Behind the Post with Olivia Messina. 

This podcast, with new episodes aired weekly, features interviews with experienced social media professionals who share their insights on how B2B businesses can effectively utilize social media platforms, as well as ideas for maintaining creativity and efficiently managing multiple social media accounts.

Recommended Episode: How to Create Marketing Systems that Expand Bandwidth Without Expanding Budget

6. B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast

Hosted By: David Rowlands

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify 

Average Episode Length: 20 minutes to an hour

The B2B Marketing Exchange is a podcast that features interviews with industry experts who specialize in B2B marketing. 

These influencers come from top companies around the world and share their knowledge on topics such as content strategy, demand generation, account-based marketing, and sales enablement. Each episode features valuable insights from experienced B2B professionals.

Recommended Episode: Defining growth marketing with Scott Vaughan, Integrate chief growth officer

7. Copyblogger FM

Hosted By: Tim Stoddart and Darrell Vesterfelt

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Website

Average Episode Length: 50 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours

Tim Stoddart and Darrell Vesterfelt host an exceptional B2B marketing podcast, inviting experts to discuss current trends in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and other relevant topics. 

Copyblogger FM consistently provides valuable and informative insights, previously hosted by Sonia Simone, co-founder of the influential Copyblogger blog. 

Overall, it is a must-listen for anyone in the B2B marketing space.

Recommended Episode: Ryan Carr: How to Work Smarter with the Content You Create

8. Ground Up

Hosted By: John Bonini

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Website

Average Episode Length: 30 minutes to an hour

If you’re interested in learning about the behind-the-scenes stories and strategies that contribute to successful marketing campaigns, look no further than the Ground Up podcast. 

Host John Bonini expertly delves into the real-life experiences of his guests, offering a unique perspective compared to other marketing podcasts that may be more like “Law & Order.” Not only is this podcast educational and informative, but it’s also highly enjoyable to listen to. 

So whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing techniques or just want to understand what sets top marketers apart, give Ground Up a listen.

Recommended Episode: Increase Monthly Traffic by 313% (w/ Nate Turner and Ten Speed)

 9. B2B Better

Hosted By: Jason Bradwell

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify 

Average Episode Length:

B2B Better targets young and growing marketing teams in the B2B sector or teams and professionals dedicated to young startups. The show provides helpful strategies and techniques for businesses that rely on marketing to adapt to change. 

It features a range of guests, including founders and CMOs, who offer a wide range of insights that are valuable for anyone interested in marketing.

Recommended Episode: 3 Things B2B Marketers Can Learn From Their D2C Cousins w/ Tina Donati

10. The GaryVee Audience Experience

Hosted By: Gary Vaynerchuk

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Website 

Average Episode Length: Anywhere from 15 minutes to well over an hour

Including Gary V’s podcast on our list of B2B marketing podcasts was a no-brainer. As the founder of one of the most successful marketing agencies in the world, Gary has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to content marketing and lead generation. 

When listening to his show, it’s important to not just be a passive listener but to actively try to understand his content strategies and how you can apply it to your own marketing efforts. 

Trust us, subscribing to this show will bring you tremendous value as a marketer.

Recommended Episode: The Tactics And Mindset To Make Content And Succeed In 2023

11. B2B Lead Gen Podcast

Hosted By: Eric Schwartzman

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify

Average Episode Length: 

The B2B Lead Gen Podcast, hosted by digital marketing consultant Eric Schwartzman in Los Angeles, aims to help B2B marketers generate quality leads at scale. Each episode addresses key challenges faced by marketers, such as hiring the right team and using data effectively, with a focus on driving revenue. 

The show also features top industry guests like Neil Patel and Anna Lebedeva from SEMrush, offering valuable insights and strategies for success in the B2B marketing world.

Recommended Episode: Mastering Sales and Marketing Alignment: A 3-Part Series With Jeff Davis

12. Marketing Growth Podcast

Hosted By: Shane Barker

Listen to on: Apple Music

Average Episode Length: 10 to 30 minutes

If you’re looking to succeed in growth marketing, then you should definitely check out the Marketing Growth Podcast. 

This podcast, hosted by Shane Barker, is one of the top B2B marketing podcasts out there and is full of valuable tools, tips, and strategies for both aspiring and seasoned digital marketers. You’ll get the chance to learn from some of the best in the industry, including Erik Qualman, Ted Rubin, Rand Fishkin, and Lisa Lepki, as they share their experiences and best practices in growth marketing. 

So if you want to stay up to date on the latest growth marketing techniques and strategies, the Marketing Growth Podcast is a great resource to have.

Recommended Episode: Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce Growth: A Talk With Vivien Garnes 

13. The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Hosted By: Sangram Vajre

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Website 

Average Episode Length: 20 to 30 minutes

Even if you’re not particularly interested in account-based marketing or B2B marketing, we highly recommend giving #FlipMyFunnel a listen. 

The host, Sangram Vajre, brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to each episode that is truly infectious. His interviews with industry experts are always engaging and packed with valuable insights, and the best part is that there are new episodes released daily. 

Trust us, even if you usually prefer whale sounds to podcasts, #FlipMyFunnel is worth checking out.

Recommended Episode: Bringing Sales, Marketing, and Design Together

14. The Customer Engagement Lab

Hosted By: Travis Tyler

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify 

Average Episode Length: 20 to around 45 minutes

The Customer Engagement Lab is a show that explores the various tactics businesses use to engage with their customers through creative sales and marketing campaigns. It is unique in that it not only features interviews and discussions with industry experts, but also includes comedic TikTok reaction segments. 

Hosted by Travis Tyler, a seasoned marketing professional from PandaDoc, this B2B video podcast is sure to make you laugh with its humorous teaser clips.

Recommended Episode: Tiktok Strategies for B2B Brands with Todd Clouser

15. Social Media Marketing

Hosted By: Michael Stelzner

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Google Podcast

Average Episode Length: 45 minutes

Michael Stelzner is the leader and creator of the Social Media Examiner. His business has provided valuable insights into how B2B companies can effectively utilize social media marketing. 

If social media is your area of expertise, this podcast offers valuable and relevant information in weekly episodes that last about 45 minutes on average.

Recommended Episodes: Writing Marketing Content: A Proven Framework

16. The Other Side of Sales


Hosted By: Ashleigh Early and Kasey Jones

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Stitcher

Average Episode Length: 25 to 60 minutes

If you want practical, tried-and-tested marketing strategies for B2B companies, you should definitely check out The SaaS Marketing Show. 

One of the things that set this podcast apart is its use of real-world case studies to illustrate the tactics and strategies that have helped businesses achieve success. 

By examining the successes and failures of companies as they grow into multi-million dollar organizations, you can learn what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your own marketing efforts accordingly. 

If you listen to this podcast and don’t find something to apply to your own marketing efforts, then it may be time to tweak your marketing strategy.

Recommended Episode: How Practicing Gratitude Will Help Your Sales Career

17. Noah Kagan

Hosted By: Noah Kagan

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Website

Average Episode Length: 15 minutes to around an hour

The podcast, which has aired over 150 episodes, is highly regarded as a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and marketers. 

Its host, Noah, is known for his humorous and candid approach and invites a diverse range of guests to share their insights and experiences. These guests, who come from a variety of fields, offer valuable insights and lessons learned on the path to success. The podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to grow their business or career.

Recommended Episode: Start ANY Business With Less Than $100

18. The Sales Maven Podcast

Hosted By: Nikki Rausch

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Google Podcast / Spotify

Average Episode Length:  20 – 45 minutes

The Sales Maven Podcast aims to teach listeners how to employ a stress-free, ethical approach to growing their businesses without resorting to sleazy or slimy tactics.

If closing clients has been hard or your customers feel you’ve been coming off as being too pushy, it’s time to try a different approach. 

Nikki Rausch can help you learn how to effectively sell while being kind and genuine. You’ll learn how to connect with your prospects in a meaningful way and how to increase your influence and income. 

Say goodbye to outdated sales tactics and start earning business effortlessly and with ease.

Recommended Episode: Email Marketing: Sale Success Story

19. The Science of Social Media 

Hosted By: Hailey, Brian and Kevan

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify 

Average Episode Length: 5 – 25 minutes

The Science of Social Media is an interesting podcast dissecting the essence of social media management and marketing. 

In this podcast, the hosts bring together and interview some of the best marketers from brands and businesses that are leading the way in social media innovation and experimentation around the world. 

This podcast is a must-listen for every business or brand that wants to harness the power of social media.

Recommended Episode: Surviving The Holidays as a Small Business Owner

20. Invisibilia

Hosted By: LuLu Miller, Alix Spiegel, and Hanna Rosin

Listen to on: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Google Podcast

Average Episode Length: 35 – 55 minutes

The Invisibilia Podcast is a must-listen for any B2B marketer or anyone looking to improve and maintain a healthy professional-personal life balance. The hosts and guests also share their personal success stories, helping listeners understand buyer psychology, as well as make good marketing decisions and come up with innovative ideas.

Many people have found this podcast to be incredibly helpful in their work with clients, as it helps them develop strong values and better communication skills. For your personal growth, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Recommended Episode: The Remote Control Brain

Key Takeaway

Whether you are just starting out in the world of B2B marketing or are a seasoned pro, the marketing universe is always evolving, and staying ahead of marketing trends will help you optimize your campaigns so that they are successful each and every time.

Listening to podcasts is one of the best ways to learn everything business and marketing from other seasoned experts, especially as a busy professional. 

With podcasts, you can seamlessly integrate them into your schedule while doing other things – e.g: on your way to work or back home, during business trips, etc. and also cut down on screen time.

The podcasts we listed above are must-listens hosted by seasoned marketers and feature keynote industry leaders with deep industry experience sharing tips and strategies you’ll always find valuable!

Eventible – See Events Worth Attending

Podcasts are awesome – yet, an even better way to learn industry trends and connect with other professionals sharing insights is through in-person events. Many B2B events feature speakers who also host or regularly speak in popular podcasts. 

Eventible is the first-of-its-kind event review/listing platform that allows other professionals who have attended or spoken at B2B events to leave reviews and share their experiences in the said events. Eventible has its very own podcast, Building Awesome Events,  created for event marketers, to gain inspiration from their peers who are successfully acing it in the new environment of virtual and in-person events. 

Each episode is packed with actionable tips and promises to take the audience/listeners through the interviewee/event marketer’s journey, right from starting out in event marketing to gaining complete mastery over their proprietary and third-party portfolios.

Eventible also allows you to spot popular trends from the reviews – you’ll see their comments on discussions, insights shared, and new strategies they learned in-event. So, check us out today!

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