Jiahui Tan, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Fable

Speaker’s Corner: Featuring Jiahui Tan, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Fable

Fable is a multi-disciplinary design agency that has worked on regional projects for Google, Rolex, Deloitte, and also a slew of clients from the food and beverage, hospitality, fintech, property industries. Jiahui has won a couple of D&AD pencils, and was also invited back to be D&AD’s jury panel in London. Fable’s work has been featured across 200 international and local platforms such as Monocle, It’s Nice That, AIGA, and more.

Tell us a little about Fable and what it represents.

Fable is an award-winning design consultancy based in Singapore. We are strategy-centric and adhere to a design creed that imbues clarity, purpose, and excellence in our work. Our creative output, which includes compelling brand identities, custom typography, and persuasive campaigns, are extensions of strategic narratives and disciplined artistry.

How did you adapt your work practices to suit the changed business/client needs for 2020?

We have been doing motion for a long time alongside our branding projects. We started to included XR (extended reality) to experiences as well.

What is your biggest objective as a speaker?

To share conversations with fellow speakers, as well as watching the other amazing talks!

Take us through the core points of the panel you participated in at Collision 2021. What were you hoping to accomplish via your session there?

We spoke about design in today’s world – it’s evolution, relevance, and constantly changing dynamics. It was super interesting to hear thoughts from people from different corners of the planet. We are so connected but disconnected at the same time. It is a paradox.

As a follow-up, do you feel that digital events give you a similar level of feedback/result vis-à-vis the live versions? What would you say were the biggest pros and cons of both formats?

Digital events allow people to join from anywhere at anytime. Cons would be the physical experience of things. The paradox would be (it is a joke I share with my friends) that reality nowadays IS digital. Everything and everyone lives in it. Physical is actually just a manifestation of some senses (e.g. touch, smell, etc.). Physical has become the alternate reality.

As you know, our start-up, Eventible.com, is a review platform for B2B events. Given how review-driven our lives have become today, do you think reviews will bring in a level of transparency to the events industry? Would you rely on event reviews from other speakers if you had to make a speaking decision?

Of course I would. Reviews are very important. 

Finally, do you have a favorite/go-to cocktail? What is it?

I don’t really drink alcohol. I drink coffee and tea!

You can follow Fable on LinkedIn and Twitter. Read reviews for Collision here.

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