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Virtual Conferences: Learn and Network from Home

The world is moving virtual, working from home and networking can not only be challenging but also an isolating one. Virtual conferences are changing the game for those who work remote – making it possible to learn and network without leaving your house.

In this article, we explore the nature of virtual conferences – how they work and a few tips with which you can understand an event better before you attend them!

Since virtual conferences are a new phenomenon, we’re talking of keeping things going while we battle against low attention spans, the challenge of keeping your audience engaged and also making the event a success.

Virtual conferences are a relatively new phenomenon, so before we talk about them let’s take a quick look at what they aren’t: 

Not an event with live speakers

Oh no! This is a misconception. Just because you are attending an online event, be it a webinar or teleconference, it does not indicate that the speakers are participating live. Rather, this is a gathering of people who can participate in the same discussion and work together to solve problems. 

Virtual events aren’t always free of cost! 

Just because there’s a link to it, does not mean the event will be open to all. While it’s great that you are trying to keep your costs low, as a remote worker – it’s often good to go through reviews and study what people have to say about a particular conference. Event organisers are gradually finding a way to make events exclusive and a paid affair. Well, you want that piece of information and network online with the right crowd that’s relevant – you got to pay for it!

Virtual events are not always marketed efficiently 

Since this is a relatively new concept, event marketers are still in the process of studying the best methods and strategies to market virtual events. So yes, you will need a one-stop-shop solution to browse through events, check for reviews, and keeping an eye on what’s latest within the industry.  

Virtual events offer many benefits – but one of the most important for remote workers is that you’ll have access to top industry leaders from wherever you happen to be located on this planet! Plus, if your company offers reimbursement for attending such events in some way then going virtual means you save time and money.  

You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other virtual attendees, which is much easier than it sounds. Virtual conferences are a great way to build your professional relationships and stay in touch with others who share your same interests – without ever having to leave home!

Here are a few things that you will need to successfully attend a virtual event and get the most out of it: 

– A good Wi-Fi connection is essential

– Before joining the event, ensure you are in a quiet place within your home

– You need to ensure you have good headphones

– Once you are plugged in and attentive, ensure that you focus on getting enough sleep the night before  

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