Revisit event planning basics and hone up all the skills that are expected of event professionals once B2B in-person conferences will take off in H2

Last year, proved to be a stressful time for most of us in the events industry, whether it was the event organizers and event planners or the event marketers. And, what helps tide these uncertain times is revisiting the basics of event planning and firming them up as the foundation for going forward.

So, here’s listing out some event planning basics that will help events industry professionals to be successful in their event management efforts.

Adaptability: One of the most important attitudes for any event professional is to be highly adaptive to various situations. Even with every minutest detail planned, there may be circumstances that may need you to think on your feet to rework what was planned, and a successful event professional can do just that.        

Persistence: Event planners and organizers need to persevere behind everything from finding the perfect venue at the best price, to finding good sponsors and speakers, to now having the uphill task of keeping attendees engaged for the virtual formats of their regular events. Keeping at it is what differentiates a successful event pro from a not-so-successful one.    

Ace of spaces: A great event professional has better visual acumen and can envision the event spaces in terms of arrangements, security and every detail that any other persona may easily miss.

Meticulous: Related to the above, an event professional must be painstakingly particular about details, because in event management specifically the devil really is in the detail. Noticing what the regular eye misses is what every event professional can cultivate over time by being attentive to the smallest aspects at the planning stage itself. Right from ensuring attendee needs are looked after to keeping in mind technical aspects, you got to hone the skill to be focused.   

Tech-savvy: Withnumerous event management tools available in the market, an event marketer today needs to have the acumen to be innovation-driven to make his routine tasks easier. Maintaining databases of event attendees, sending them emails for event updates, social media listening, monitoring and posting are just some of the capabilities built into event tech tools like Bizzabo, Cvent and others. For other requirements, there are always APIs!

Multi-tasker: By default, an event professional are Jacks of all trades, dabbling in everything from numbers to interiors and more. And, in addition, they also need to know when to let go or delegate a task to the next person and move onto another more critical job, when there’s no one to take it up.     

If one were to sum an event professional’s 3 Ts, it will be temperament, team and tools. Your temperament and all the above traits will help you be composed while building rapport with your organizing team, clients and speakers.

The team, of course, is your backbone, and the tools or tech is the most helpful base to build on to showcase your organizational skills. Tell us what skills and software have you aced as an events professional, and if we have missed out any through your comments below!

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