Promoting an event on LinkedIn can be an effective way to target a relevant audience, build professional connections, increase visibility and credibility, and attract attendees. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

With its massive user base of over 800 million professionals and its highly targeted audience, Linkedin has become a go-to platform for event promotion. The platform offers a variety of tools, such as sponsored posts and live events, to reach your target audience and make your event stand out. 

But to really make the most of your Linkedin event promotion, it’s important to follow a few key tactics. In this article, let’s look at how to promote an event on Linkedin. We’ll share ten tips that will help you create a successful event promotion campaign on Linkedin.

Around 80% of leads originate from LinkedIn 

Here’s why.

Even after nineteen years of existence, LinkedIn is still considered the best lead generation platform in the world due to its high organic reach and low competition for impressions. The platform’s event feature makes it easy to create and promote events, and through your network, you can effectively draw attention to your event.

Linkedin is an effective tool to generate lead and grow your business. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

But, how exactly do you promote an event on LinkedIn? What are the ways that work? 

When you think about it, it’s nothing complicated. LinkedIn is a social media platform just like Facebook so all you might need is your network and how many more people you can reach out to through your network. While you can utilize LinkedIn’s live events feature to host virtual events so that you can reach more people, don’t forget to pay attention to your visual content. From eye-catching graphics and videos to strategic planning- there’s a lot of other ways to effectively promote an event on LinkedIn.

However, above all, the crux is just to remain active. That’s when you’ll have a greater chance of standing out from your counterparts, reaching your preferred audience and promoting your event successfully. Don’t forget to use all social media platforms in concert for maximum impact.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to promote an event on LinkedIn, it’s time to dive into some proven tactics that will enhance your event promotion efforts.

1. Use Your Network 

If you are struggling to promote your events to a larger audience, then it’s time to tap into the power of your existing network! Instead of spending time and money on advertising, why not ask for a little help from those who have already been a part of your journey?

Think about it, a simple shout-out from a former speaker, influencer, entertainer, sponsor, or media partner can go a long way in promoting your event on their LinkedIn account. This is an excellent and cost-effective way to reach a brand new audience that may not have known about your event otherwise.

If you’re finding it difficult to reach a wider audience for your events, consider leveraging the strength of your current network. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

And if your event is taking place at a venue, don’t forget to ask the venue staff to help spread the word on their social media accounts too! This could help you reach an even wider audience, without any extra effort on your part.

So, don’t be afraid to ask for help and utilize the resources you already have. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats, and working together can help everyone succeed!

2. Create a Teaser Video

Imagine hosting a party, where every detail is perfectly planned, from the menu to the decorations, and you can’t wait for your guests to arrive. That’s exactly what creating a teaser video for an upcoming event feels like. You’re the host and your video is the invitation to a fantastic experience. Your goal is to tantalize your guests with just enough information to make them RSVP yes!

Creating a teaser video to promote your event can be an effective way to increase awareness, generate buzz, and ultimately drive attendance. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

Just like planning a party, the creation of a teaser video is all about the details. You want to make sure that you highlight the key elements of your event, just as you would showcase your best dishes or the beautiful centerpiece at a party. You’re inviting your viewers to take a glimpse into the world of your event, and you want them to leave with a taste of what they can expect.

Your video is the first impression of your event, and you want to make sure it’s a memorable one. The video should be short, sweet and straight to the point, much like the perfect party conversation. You want your guests to know what to expect and leave them yearning for more.

3. Create a Group

Having a dedicated group for your event is key to ensuring it comes out successful.

Think of this group as the central hub for all things related to your event. You can use it to post updates, answer questions, and spark discussions. It’s a great way to create a buzz and get everyone excited about what’s to come.

You can even start conversations around the topics that will be covered at the event. This not only helps the speakers get a better understanding of their audience, but it also builds up anticipation for the event.

Create a group to start conversations around the topics that will be covered at the event. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

And when the event is over, the conversation doesn’t have to end. The group can serve as a place where delegates can continue to connect with speakers and other attendees. This provides an opportunity for everyone to stay engaged and connected, long after the event has ended.

So, if you want to ensure the success of your event, don’t overlook the power of a dedicated group. It’s a tool that can help bring all the pieces of the puzzle together, giving your event the best chance of success.

4. Run targeted ads

Think of LinkedIn as a diamond in the rough for advertisers. While it may not have the widespread popularity of other social networks, it can be a cost-effective option for running your advertising campaigns.

The advanced targeting features allow you to zero in on your target audience with surgical precision, like a sniper with a scope. You can aim for people based on where they live, their job title, what they do, or even the company they work for.

Running targeted ads for events on LinkedIn can be a highly effective way to reach a specific audience and increase attendance at your event. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

But beware, LinkedIn is not just any social network, it’s the professional one. It has its own set of norms and manners that you need to respect, or risk being banned. When approaching people on LinkedIn, use your authentic voice and be transparent about why you are messaging them. 

Overloading users or groups with constant posts of your event is a surefire way to get flagged as spam, so make sure you find the right balance between original and curated content that your audience will appreciate.

5. Send personalized invites

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with potential attendees and influencers. Since people use their real names and information on the site, it’s easy to find them and send them relevant information about your event.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that crafting a message tailored to each individual attendee will have a much greater effect when reaching out to them on Linkedin. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

When you’re looking to reach out to attendees, it’s important to remember that a personalized message will make a much bigger impact. Take the time to introduce yourself and your event, and explain why it is relevant to them. This will show them that you value their time and interests.

Keep in mind that most people check LinkedIn while they’re at work, so make sure your message is short and semi-formal. They may not have much time to read through lengthy details about your event. Be clear and concise, and include all the important information in a way that’s easy to understand.

6. Utilize the influence of your event sponsors or partners 

If you have event sponsors, brands, or partners who have a LinkedIn presence, you can leverage their network to reach a wider audience. Ask them to share your event post or write a post on their page, highlighting the event’s details, date, and why it’s worth attending. This way, you can tap into their network and attract potential attendees.

Utilizing the LinkedIn presence of your event sponsors, brands, or partners can help you tap into their network and expand your reach to a broader audience. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

Moreover, if you have a speaker who has been recognized as an influencer by LinkedIn, their posts hold an even greater significance. With an influential speaker at your event, you have an opportunity to reach everyone on their network. Their posts carry weight and credibility, and when they share or write about your event, it can result in a significant boost in attendance. 

So, don’t hesitate to ask them to get involved in promoting your event and take advantage of their influence on LinkedIn.

7. Create blog posts and publish them

When it comes to promoting your event on LinkedIn, a longer article can be the way to go. Use this opportunity to delve into the details of your event and highlight the success of past events. Provide case studies or testimonials to give readers a taste of what they can expect.

Blogs can be a valuable tool in promoting events by creating excitement, sharing information, and increasing visibility. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

However, it’s important to strike a balance between being promotional and informative. Rather than using a heavy-handed approach, aim to write an engaging piece that provides valuable information. By doing so, your post has a better chance of being featured in one of LinkedIn’s channels and reaching a larger audience. 

Research the topic channels that best match your event and craft a post that is just as engaging and relevant as what has already been selected. Don’t forget to share your post via status updates to reach even more people.

8. Respond to every likes and comments on your event post

By creating an event through the LinkedIn app, you have the opportunity to respond to feedback from your followers and start a conversation around your event. This feature is a game-changer for event organizers looking to create a buzz and foster community engagement. With over 24,000 events being created every week, the app is quickly becoming the go-to platform for event promotion.

One effective method to enhance the interest and engagement of your followers is by demonstrating that you appreciate their viewpoints and ideas. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

Interacting with your audience is key to a successful event profile. Showing your followers that you value their thoughts and opinions is a great way to increase their interest and engagement. When your audience feels that they are a part of the process, they are more likely to spread the word about your event and share updates with their own network. 

So, take advantage of this exciting feature and start promoting your event in a way that fosters meaningful discussion and encourages community involvement.

9. Share testimonials and success stories

Testimonials and success stories from past events are the rocket fuel for promoting your next event. They not only ignite excitement among potential attendees but also boost credibility by showcasing the value that attendees can expect. Think of them as a GPS, guiding others to the successful destination that your event has already reached.

Testimonials can be an essential tool for promoting and conducting successful events because they provide potential attendees with social proof. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

Sharing real experiences creates a sense of community, fostering connections between attendees. It’s like planting a seed of friendship, which grows stronger with each shared experience. And for events that bring together like-minded individuals, this sense of community is priceless.

Finally, testimonials serve as a form of social proof, a powerful marketing tool. When potential attendees see others who have had positive experiences at your event, they’ll feel confident and motivated to register. It’s like a ripple effect, driving attendance and engagement, leading to a successful event. 

So, make testimonials and success stories a staple in your event promotion strategy and watch your event soar to new heights.

10. Create a business page for the event

By creating a company page or an event page, you can share information, updates, and highlights to engage with their audience and generate interest in their event.

Posting status updates is a great way to keep your followers engaged and informed about your event. These updates can include anything from announcing the event to sharing highlights from the event. You can even share behind-the-scenes photos and videos to give your followers a sneak peek into what they can expect from the event. By posting regularly and making your updates visually appealing, you can keep your followers interested and engaged.

Emphasizing key updates is a vital aspect of effectively promoting your event on LinkedIn. Pic Courtesy: Freepik

Highlighting important updates is also a crucial part of promoting your event on LinkedIn. This allows you to draw attention to the most important updates and ensures that your followers see the information that is most relevant to them. 

For example, you can highlight updates about the keynote speaker or the schedule for the event. By making it easy for your followers to find the information they need, you can increase engagement and ensure that your event is well-promoted.

Key Takeaway 

In a nutshell, promoting events on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to reach a professional and engaged audience. 

By creating a company or event page, regularly posting updates, and highlighting important information, businesses can create a buzz around their event and increase attendance. However, the key to success on LinkedIn lies in making your content engaging, interesting, and creative. 

Whether it’s using eye-catching graphics, sharing behind-the-scenes insights, or highlighting the unique aspects of your event, businesses need to think outside the box to stand out from the crowd and make their event a success. So go ahead and give these LinkedIn event promotion tricks a try and watch as your events catch new eyes!

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