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Speaking in front of groups can be nerve racking and, in some cases, paralyzing. Building a strong speaker’s foundation can help any presenter speak with more confidence, poise and work through nervousness. David is a presentation skills coach, working with small business owners, sales groups and employees at all levels of organizations to help them improve their facilitation and public speaking talents and connect with their audience. He does this by utilizing the skills each speaker already has and introducing them to new techniques and processes that he guarantees will engage any audience and ensure your message sticks. He is a retired USAF NCO, Voiceover artist, Instructional designer, stage actor, and a professional Santa Claus.

You have been in acting, voiceover, DJ, e-learning development to now coaching B2B business-owners and subject matter experts to be ace presenters at B2B events. What are your longstanding suggestions for anyone to be persuasive and engaging in their communication?    

My #1 suggestion for anyone to be persuasive and engaging in their communication is to make sure the content is relevant.  Suggestion #2 is to practice your foundational speaking skills.

What are some unique challenges that presenters face in the virtual format as compared to in-person conferences? What are some workarounds to overcome these?

Some unique challenges that presenters face in the virtual format as compared to in-person conferences is to be able to feel their audience.  When everyone is in the same room, the speaker is able to do a better job controlling the group.  In the virtual world, with everyone in their own space with their own distractions, the speaker need to employ additional engagement techniques to keep the group focused on the speaker.

What are some key elements of a successful visual presentation that can support even a novice SME to be confident before an audience? What kind of interactive aids would you coach a first-time speaker to be adept at for attendee engagement? 

Some key elements of a successful visual presentation that can support even a novice SME is to first know your audience.  The speaker needs to ask themselves Who’s is the audience, what information do they need, Where will I be speaking, When will I need to speak to the audience and how much time will the speaker have to speak.

I would suggest a PPT to reinforce complex information. Use more images and less text on screen.  And ensure the content is relevant and delivered in a way that the audience can easily absorb and understand the information.

What are some of the upcoming trends in the events industry that you foresee in the next couple of years that event speakers need to be prepared for?

Going forward speakers will need to continue to perfect their virtual speaking skills.  I feel that their will always be a virtual element to most events.  Speakers will need to get comfortable conducting blended meetings where some of the audience is virtual and the other portion are live at the venue. The speaker needs to give the same amount of attention to the virtual audience as they do for the live audience.

What are your tips for event organizers and event professionals to provide conference speakers, who are the major draw for most B2B events, to give their best potential for their brand event?  

I feel that event organizers should look for speakers that are able to engage a virtual audience just as effectively as they would an in-person audience.

As you know, our start-up Eventible.com is a review platform for B2B events – in the times we live in today, where we can read reviews for our software products, service providers, Uber drivers, hotels, restaurants etc. – do you think event reviews will become indispensable for potential attendees in making event participation decisions? Or for speakers and sponsors to see reviews from their peers and then use the data points to inform their own decision making?

I feel that a lot of a company’s or speakers credibility comes from word of mouth.  There are a million speakers, but the speakers and organizations that will stand out are the ones that take care of their customers.

Finally, David, tell us about your favorite book from the last year and what made it so special?

Colin Powell “It worked for me” In Life and Leadership.  As a military veteran, I’m impressed with leaders that have been able to move up through the ranks while motivating and leading a large group of military personal.

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