The dawn of hybrid events
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The Dawn Of Hybrid Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it change, not only in the way we live, but also in the way we attend events. A new concept – ‘The Hybrid Event’ seems to be the latest in the events space.  

Virtual interactions, such as webinars, conferences are being appreciated and the new normal is quickly being accepted and adopted.  A pattern that we see is that due to the early and quick acceptance of vaccinations, the events industry is gradually transitioning into a new state-of-functioning. The hybrid way of conducting events.

So, What Are Hybrid Events?

Event marketers and organizers had noticed an increase in attendance in virtual events. And then, attendance fluctuated despite having the registrations. Both event marketers and organizers then decided to have a mix of both the virtual and in-person. This enables them to host an event both online while also catering to a set number of people in-person.

What makes hybrid events the new form of event organization?

“Innovation is a mixture of the old and the new with a dash of surprise,” says Al Etmanski. This quote reigns true as the events industry is constantly looking at creating new experiences for their attendees.

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