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Adam Livermore


Dezan Shira & Associates

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In my role as partner at Dezan Shira & Associates I have gained considerable experience in the fields of law, accounting, tax and HR in mainland China and India. Dezan Shira & Associates assists clients from all over the world to make direct investmests in emerging Asia. A large part of my job has been to understand and explain to these clients various aspects of these business environments relevant to their operations. In addition to the client-facing work that I do, I also manage several internal functions for the firm to allow its geographically diversified offices to work together more efficiently and smoothly. Many of these efforts are focused in the areas of HR or IT. Before joining Dezan Shira I worked at GMAC Commercial Mortgage in Japan. My main role was as a property manager, managing the maintenance and disposal of a portfolio of commercial, residential, industrial and mixed-use real estate owned by GMAC. I also helped to facilitate understanding between the Japanese employees and the largely American top management. In this job I was exposed to many aspects of the Japanese working environment. Through working in these roles in Asia I have acquired the ability to use both Chinese and Japanese as working languages.

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Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates


Bachelor, Business Studies & Economics