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Aynsley Damery

CEO and founder


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United Kingdom


Clients don’t get what you do or understand your value? Tried “advisory” apps and reporting tools in the past, and they haven’t worked? Profits are not where you want them to be? Never have time? Looking for a better way? (keep reading) I’ve been in your position a couple of times. First, when I left KPMG to join a regional accounting firm in the UK. Thankfully I transformed that firm over many years from compliance only to a niche multi-award-winning multi-million dollar business advisory firm. Looking back, I created a monster. I took a Big4 consulting methodology and delivered it to small business owners. It was complex, involved, time-intensive and heavily reliant on senior team members to deliver. It was necessarily expensive and tough to resource. The point? Trust me when I tell you there’s a better way. If you’re an accountant and you: ❌Struggle to recruit or retain talent? ❌Don’t know what business advisory is or what clients would want it? ❌Feel you have to do more & more for your clients without reward? ❌Don’t have a structure and process to deliver systemised, repeatable advisory services? ❌Believe that your team doesn't have the confidence to get involved? I’ve got something that will put an end to all your frustrations, once and for all. It’s called Clarity. And when you take action and harness the power of Clarity, you will: ✅show clients your true value and get them to say ‘yes’ ✅increase profitability by over 125% ✅introduce a structured approach the team love and can follow ✅have more time to do the things you really want ✅work with clients who appreciate you In case you think I’m full of it, here’s what a few of our members have to say: “This is hands down the easiest software I’ve had to implement. Within 2 weeks, I had spoken to 6 clients & generated £42k GRF” Graeme Tennick. “I’ve got more traction, faster with Clarity than anything else. Our profits have increased by 278% in the last year since we started working with them. Some clients have done even more!” Sharon Pocock “Clarity is one of two apps we’ve been able to roll out straight away, needs minimal training and sees a profit from the word go.” Stuart Hurst Curious to learn more? Everything you need to know is right here: Clarity is the complete end-to-end advisory engine for your firm. We give busy accountants the structure, tools and plans to build a better firm; and the confidence to make it happen. PS If you’re ready to take action, book a complimentary ‘discovery call’, and we’ll both get crystal clear on what we can do to help.

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CEO and founder at Clarity


Chartered Accountant - FCA, Accounting and Finance