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Benjamin Jean



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Benjamin Jean is currently the inno³ company's CEO, an open innovation consulting firm focused on digital transformation through IP, managment and ecosystem strategies. He is also the cofounder and president of « Open Law* Le droit ouvert », a french non-profit organization promoting activities to enhance the transformation of the legal sector throught digital co-creation programs based on Open data, Open Source and Open Innovation principles. He also works as lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, teachs IP in several Masters and as consultant within the Gilles Vercken Law firm. He cofound and coorganize the annual European Opensource and free software Law Event. Benjamin Jean is author of a new book “Option Libre. The good usage of Free Licences” (, co-author of the “Open Source Guide” professional whitepaper published by the Syntec Numerique and is involved in several working teams about open source and Open Data governance and/or licensing. During it past position, he created the first CJOS (Open Source Law Center) He also co-founded, a few years ago, a French (community) project, named Veni Vidi Libri, which aims to inform creators and developers about free/OS licenses and to help them using free licenses.

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Président at Inno³


Diplôme RNCP- niveau 7- 34905, Sustainable Innovation by design