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Christopher Hartland

European and Chartered UK Patent Attorney - Senior Associate

Potter Clarkson

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I am rarely happier than when I am learning something new, be it in science, law, business, languages or the arts. As it happens, I am lucky enough to have found myself a career which is, at its core, all about learning new things, meeting new people and helping the ideas and businesses of those people to flourish. Day in and day out I read and write about the latest innovations in a huge range of fields. For example, my academic background gives me the insight and understanding to help protect innovations in the diamond technology space; materials science innovations particularly including semiconductor bandgap physics applications; as well as those in the areas of magnetic resonance and optical spectroscopy techniques. As a patent attorney, while I work on a very wide range of technologies in general, I have had a particularly large amount of exposure to hydrogen fuel cell technology; electronics; automotive vehicles; mechanical inventions; and the particularly challenging arena of patenting software inventions. Having practically grown up on the stage and later on the competition floor, I always enjoy keeping up to date on the latest developments in the technologies of the world of theatre and competitive dancesport. I am also privileged to work as an examiner of the UK FD1 Advanced IP Law and Practice paper which allows me to hone my understanding of IP while doing my part to bring new attorneys into my profession.

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European and Chartered UK Patent Attorney - Senior Associate at Potter Clarkson


Master of Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Particle Physics, French, German, Teaching (science and maths)