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Edie Lush

Executive Producer & Co Host

Global GoalsCast

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United Kingdom


Award Winning Journalist Executive Producer & Co-Host of @GlobalGoalsGast Host & MC. Speaker on #SDGs #GlobalGoals With thousands of interviews under her belt, Edie knows the power of good communication - why some speeches are remembered forever while others are consigned to the paper shredder.Former political and economic correspondent for Bloomberg TV, she’s grilled CEOs, Central Bank Presidents and Parliamentarians all over the world. As Executive Editor for Hub Culture she’s recently interviewed Nobel Laureate Mohammed Yunus, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and actor/producer Michael Douglas. Passionate about the power of expression, she is also a communication trainer helping clients give TED talks, get hired, promoted and generally heard. Her 2016 book, “How to Speak with Confidence in Public”, co-authored with Charlotte McDougall has quickly become on of those expert books you must have on your shelf. Edie was the economics and political correspondent for Bloomberg Television. Before moving into journalism she was a political analyst for investment bank UBS. She’s been a political analyst for hedge fund Omega Advisors in New York, a speechwriter for the Secretary General of the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C. and an international relations expert for Hungarian political party SzDSz in Budapest. Edie studied Political Science at UCLA and International Relations at Yale. While not acting as a short order cook and taxi driver to three children she runs marathons, plays the piano and ski-tours. She lives in London, pays taxes and votes in the US and Britain and fights hard to keep the American accent intact. She has dual British/American citizenship. Specialties: Politics, economics, technology, social media, communications coaching, presentation skills training, journalism, media training, MC, chair, american politics, broadcast journalism

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Executive Producer & Co Host at Global GoalsCast


M.A., International Relations