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Frank Arts

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Enable U

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Let's connect, share and unite! The beauty of sharing information is that it increases in value every time you share it. Nobody looses a bit and everyone can combine the extra information with the existing bits into a richer whole. Internet and cloud technologies open up this same concept for through API's for automated services. With an exceptional skilled and dedicated team, we enable you to create value by sharing and composing services in the API-fied world. Let us enable you to make your differentiating services well and safely available to business partners to embed them in their own service offerings. We also enable you to compose and orchestrate new and existing internal and external atomic functions and data into new services. We do this by our innovative but pragmatic best practices methodology, taking advantage of advanced software tools. Hundreds of leading organisations are being enabled by our team and solutions over the past years, ranging from leading banks, insurers, telco's to governmental organisations and innovative startups. Together with the Enable-U MT, I manage this company towards further market leadership and relevance. Through the recent economic downturn Enable-U multiplied 10 times. Now we are accelerating further... Before Enanle-U: 10+ experience in SOA project management, sales and implementation at various organisations and (first EAI, later SOA, BPM, SOA Governance, etc.) 1 year senior solutions engineer / business development at Informatica, EMEA Distributors 5 years sales engineer at webMethods, EMEA 4 years IT consultant and project leader at Logica CMG

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Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Enable U


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