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I launched Green I/O podcast 🎙️ which offers responsible technologists a place to build a greener digital world, one byte at a time. For the last 15 years, I have led teams in PropTech, payment service providers, document-processing industry and I have experienced first hand the benefits that digitalization brings to people. At the same time I also lived on 3 continents and witnessed the environmental footprint of human activity on planet Earth. Between Tech for Good and sustainable IT, “Tech” is a key enabler of our ecological transition. But Tech is also a serious contributor to these ecological crises. In 2021, I decided to focus full-time on this dual issue with a balanced approach. Putting on hold executive positions, I now help teams build greener digital products, using this much needed change as a strategic opportunity for sustainable business development. I do so by: - providing open-source content, - building bridges between communities & networks - and by leveraging collective intelligence; based on 3 core values: respect People 🫂 , respect Science 🔬 and respect Earth 🌍. I’m always thrilled to interview doers for knowledge and feedback in the Green I/O Podcast and to partner with companies looking to travel further on the Digital Sustainability road. If you want to make our digital world greener, one byte at a time, feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn.

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