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João Costa

Enterprise Architect (OutSystems Architecture Specialist)


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Software Engineer with a continuous curiosity to understand the big picture of things, I performed several roles on the IT landscape over the past twenty years and got in touch with the reality of different industries such as Computer & Technology, Telecommunications & Transportation, Energy & Utilities, Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Local Government, Healthcare & Childcare. Following the abstraction principle, led me to develop software using a low-code platform like OutSystems, allowing me to deliver faster value to businesses and customers using fewer resources. As an OutSystems Architecture Specialist, my main responsibilities are to help teams design and maintain healthy architectures for their systems and to support the adoption of best practices for their applications, in order to build solutions with high-quality standards. Lately, I have been exploring the problem space with Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design to understand the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of our users and to prototype ideas for innovative products and services, keeping the human needs at the center of our creative process. Ultimately, my purpose is to improve our lives through meaningful experiences and enjoy life in balance with nature. Mottos: ''Before you quit, try it!'', ''We can do this!'' PS: For more information please check my profile on OutSystems Community website: •

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Current Position

Enterprise Architect (OutSystems Architecture Specialist) at Truewind


Engineer's Degree (5 years), Information Systems and Computer Engineering (LEIC)

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NextStep 2022