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Jonathan Roomer

Co-Founder & Head of Customer Success


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United Kingdom


Hi there! I'm Jonathan Roomer, co-founder and head of customer success at YuLife, the company that rewards you for living well. I'm also a professional noninfluencer, which means I have a lot of followers but they don't listen to me.😉 I have a passion for innovation, education and awesome things. I'm a guest lecturer at Imperial College Business School, where I teach students how to err on the side of awesome (a quote by Brandon Sanderson, one of my favourite authors). I also have a degree from University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, where I learned how to pronounce ''Witwatersrand''. Before YuLife, I was the head of KPMG@Interchange, where I helped startups and corporates collaborate and create value. I also learned how to use the @ symbol in creative ways. I'm also an actuary. That comes in handy when dealing with insurance, pensions, life itself and ending conversations at parties. I love connecting with people who share my vision of making life better for everyone. If you want to chat about YuLife, insurtech, wellness, books or anything awesome, feel free to reach out. Just don't expect me to influence you.😊 P.S. I love my mother very much and she approves this bio.

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Co-Founder & Head of Customer Success at YuLife


Master of Business Administration (MBA), Investment and Risk