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Kévin Dunglas

Founder / CEO

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Founder at and freelance software architect. Creator of the API Platform REST and GraphQL framework, of the and protocols and of some Symfony components (Panther, PropertyInfo, WebLink...). Contributor to more than 100 open source projects including the PHP language, Laravel, Doctrine ORM and to the React and Kubernetes ecosystems. Books and technical articles author, speaker at international conferences, lecturer and trainer. Languages: PHP, Go, C, TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby Frameworks and libs: API Platform, Symfony, React, Vue.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Laravel, Django Persistence: Postgres, MySQL, BoltDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch DevOps: Kubernetes, Docker, GCP, AWS, Azure, Heroku, API: Linked Data, GraphQL, hypermedia, OpenAPI, Mercure, Vulcain

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