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Kevin Mehrabi


Wealthchain, Inc.

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United States


Progressing the world through the service of innovation has been the focus of my career. Long before blockchain-based digital assets, I built my first startup—a decentralized fundraising platform to serve the unbanked. Years later I wrote my MBA thesis on the economics of crowdsourced-labor and payment technologies for distributed communities. Today, I'm building decentralized financial instruments on the Tezos blockchain. Projects include: USDtez (USDtz) - the 1st USD stablecoin on Tezos - TEZEX - the 1st decentralized cross-chain token bridge for Tezos - *Coming soon* TezFin (Tezos Finance) - Decentralized lending on Tezos - Over the years I’ve become increasingly involved in the fields of blockchain and digital-assets, as well as Deep-learning/AI, building the largest consortium for Deep Learning AI in Southern California with thousands of members. Finance and management aside, at heart, I'm a creative-type — through outside-the-box creative thinking, I innovate product solutions in complementary lock-step with business solutions. Underneath it all, it's the trusted relationships I've made that have been of utmost mutual benefit; my decision making and investment advisory have produced strong multiples for my associates while their input and guidance are helping me pave new paths of innovation.

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CEO at Wealthchain, Inc.


Master of Business Administration - MBA

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Consensus 2022