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Lisa Gold Schier

Chief Strategy Officer

Asa Technologies, Corp.

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United States


Provides visionary leadership with a focus on evaluating early stage technology companies, fostering bank/fintech partnerships, creating alternate business models and creating a culture of innovation. Leads the only industry banker driven Core Platforms Committee focused on banking’s key challenge and the centerpiece of innovation. Leads the banker driven Advisory Council committee focused setting strategic direction for industry innovation. The work of these committees has resulted in creation of industry-wide initiatives, meetings with leading providers and new innovation models. Runs Business Development for the for profit division focused on revenue generation, member benefits, and third-party partnerships. Selected Accomplishments • Developed network of bankers, technology providers and consultants serving as a trusted advisor to C-Suite on technology trends, digital transformation, innovation, emerging products and enhancing the customer experience. Created and launched first-in-kind bank/tech innovation lab partnership, Alloy Labs Alliance, focused on increasing strategic technology adoption, innovation, technology investments and CX. ▪ Elevated industry presence and reputation and reinforced national brand recognition as in-demand thought leader on technology partnerships. Frequent presenter, panelist at leading industry events. ▪ Consultant/advisory to start-ups and fintechs on market viability, regulatory compliance, and bank adoption. ▪ Formed strategic relationships with technology providers, banks, consultants, regulators, financial services executives. Currently oversees 29 strategic business relationships and 41 products that address bankers’ key industry concerns. ▪ Industry leader acknowledged for developing consensus-based solutions to market challenges, including the development of the Strong Core-Bank Provider Relationships, an industry standard for bank service providers signed by 25 core banking service providers and for leading the only industry committee focused on impacting core platform relationships. ▪ Evaluated more than 80 technology companies for market relevance, financial stability, and long-term viability for best-in-class due diligence review. third party risk management. ▪ Spearheaded business development through bank and technology alliances, comprehensive marketing and communication plans based on industry surveys and analytics, banker roundtables, banker committee feedback, industry research, bank-tech collaboration, journal articles and social media.

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Chief Strategy Officer at Asa Technologies, Corp.


Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology