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Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, PhD

InsurTech Innovation Leader (EMEA) - Senior Director

Willis Towers Watson

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Insurance | Transformation | Insurtech | Blockchain | Financial Inclusion | Underserved I am a Senior Director and InsurTech Innovation Leader at WTW’s Insurance Consulting and Technology where I lead the firm’s interaction with insurtech start-ups in EMEA and blockchain initiatives globally. I have 20+ years of experience in international management consulting, innovation and R&D management. Since 2014, I focus on innovation and strategic consulting for the Insurance Industry, especially around digital transformation, advanced analytics, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, emerging risks and #insurtech. In the past 5 years, I have had over 100 public speaking engagements specific to insurtech and blockchain at various international conferences and summits, and have published multiple articles, blogs, interviews and audio/visual media on the topic. I see myself as a blockchain and technology governance crusader and devote significant time to technology educational activities, ranging from workshops for executives to sessions at elementary schools and trainings to empower #womenintech. I strive to have a lasting impact on the way we think and behave as companies, as private human beings and as part of civil society. I admire people who were able to start something from scratch, who revolutionized thinking, who took the risk of thinking differently and impacted our lives significantly. I also admire people who believe in their ideas, who are self-confident, perseverant and who have the ability to recover from mistakes. My main source of inspiration are my kids and a deep feeling of responsibility towards the environment and future generations. Areas of Technical Expertise: #Blockchain and #insurtech; Emerging Market Multinationals; Microinsurance & Financial Inclusion; Alternative & Mobile Money; Emerging Insurance Markets; Multinational Enterprises (Strategy, Internationalization); Monetary Economics, Econometrics and Quantitative Modelling; R&D Management; Current Areas of responsibility: WTW EMEA InsurTech Innovation Leader; Management consulting; Strategic innovation consulting for (re)insurers; Thought Leadership Areas (in chronological ordering): Financial bubbles; Monetary policy; International Organizations; Environment; Multilatinas; Multinationals (Strategy, Internationalization, Innovation, Expansion); Foundations & Endowments; Housing markets; Financial inclusion; Alternative & Mobile Money; Microinsurance; Emerging Markets; Insurance, #insurtech and #blockchain. ALL OPINIONS EXPRESSED HERE BY ME ARE SOLELY MY OWN.

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InsurTech Innovation Leader (EMEA) - Senior Director at Willis Towers Watson


Professional Certificate in Innovation and Technology