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Nicole Casperson

Founder, Fintech Is Femme & Content Creator


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United States


Hi, I'm Nicole Casperson, a journalist and podcast host based in New York City, passionate about writing stories that influence the future of economic equity. I'm the founder of the media brand, Fintech Is Femme, which I built from 0-50,000 subscribers in its first year. Here's my story. Growing up as a Filipina American living in California and then Texas, I never fit in anywhere. So I became a journalist to write the stories of people who carved out a place for themselves in the world. I landed in B2B media as a finance reporter, covering different niches from housing and mortgages to auto finance and financial advice. Over time, I learned that representation in media and financial services needed to be improved. So I branched off to build my own media brand to cover fintech news, insights, and analysis by championing the voices of women and diverse voices. And I built a community for women to connect and learn about other inspiring femmes and for allies to gain exposure to a diverse network of the most powerful women in the fintech game. Only together can we create systemic change and build products that serve people and profits. With a degree from Texas Tech and roots in Southern California, I want to be a powerful voice advocating for women and financial and societal equity in my content and analysis.

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Founder, Fintech Is Femme & Content Creator at Workweek


Master of Arts - MA, Mass Communication/Media Studies