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Noam Say

Airtable Professional Training

Airmakers Academy

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★ What? I co-build with you, systems and products using Airtable to help you build and scale your business. ★ Why? I have a passion for building stuff and teaching. My ultimate goal is to be free while doing the things I love. ★ Who? I'm an information system engineer and Airtable consultant. I'm the first Airtable service partner in France, and the founder of Airmakers Academy, a training organization dedicated to learning Airtable. I evolved in the tech ecosystem, mainly as a solution consultant for over 15 years. I worked closely with customers from all over the globe ★ When? 👨‍💻, In 2018, I decided I wanted to take a step toward my freedom and started transitioning to a freelance consultant. ⚡ Today, I take great satisfaction in helping entrepreneurs and companies build no-code, tailor-made applications to create, manage, automate, and scale their businesses. ★ Where? Working remotely from my private office in Paris, France with super fast internet. ★ How? I'm ''T-shaped'': I have a broad range of skills and knowledge with deep specialization in one area. The one area is Airtable The broad range of skills includes business analysis, data modeling, process engineering, Interfaces, Automation expert, API, Scripts.

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Airtable Professional Training at Airmakers Academy


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