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Oliver Werneyer

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder


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Are you a serial entrepreneur, innovator, thought challenger, developer and/or optimist? If you are then we have a lot in common. If you are a thought leader or driver of change at your company, Angel Investor, Venture capitalist or just someone who loves to solve problems with innovative and commercial solutions then I want to connect with you. I love sharing ideas, prospects, projects I am working on and knowledge with interested parties and I love getting involved. Between co-founding my first company when I was 16 to now scaling IMburse AG now I completed my actuarial degree at university, worked in various innovation and product development roles in and around the insurance industry in multiple countries. My thirst for international experience took me to London in 2010 where I joined Genworth Financial in a senior technical role as Portfolio Management Actuary. While working at Genworth my entrepreneurial spirit inspired me to co-found another company, LSW Technologies, in 2011 and enter the world of mobile apps with our FlyNRate app. In 2012 I joined the global reinsurer Swiss Re in a technical and innovation role. I focus on commercialising old life insurance concepts in the modern world of app, social media and digital connection. It's all about data and the consumer experience and changing the way people experience life insurance. I love combining my technical knowledge and expertise with my entrepreneurial drive to find modern solution for current and future problem, identify opportunities and contribute to the development of our society. I have worked for myself, direct insurers, B2B insurers, reinsurers and have developed extensive technical and soft skills in these environments as well as in the mobile applications, banking and entrepreneurial sectors.. Feel free to connect me, I love making new connections and learning from others.

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Current Position

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Imburse


Bachelor of Science (BSc), Actuarial and Financial Mathematics