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Petr Baron


tbi bank

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United Kingdom


Often, when asked to explain what I do, I say I’m an entrepreneurial banker. It might sound as a contradiction to many, but it truly represents how I see role in the organizations that I lead. Throughout my career of more than 21 years, I’ve taken on a variety of different senior roles in finance. They all had one thing in common – DYNAMIC TRANSFORMATION. And most of the time we’ve even succeeded in that ;) What was the key? Well, the answer is easy: the entrepreneurial mindset. So, I help build teams that embrace this mindset. I always search for “problem solving partners”, people willing to grow and always have a customer in mind, get them to believe in a common goal, give them space to make mistakes and learn from them. And exactly this is how 𝐭𝐛𝐢 bank that I have been overseeing in the past 6 years, became the innovation champion of Southeast Europe. At the same time, I am an early investor in some amazing technology ventures. I enjoy supporting ideas/talents that challenge the status quo, while being personalized and accessible. So, shall we exchange ideas? Let’s connect and start talking!

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Current Position

CEO at tbi bank


BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management, Banking and Financial Support Services