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Scott Johnson

Founder and Chief Activist

Kung Fu Accounting

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United Kingdom


I have always been an accountant, in some way shape or form, from about 15 years old, truth be told! And in 2016 I became a business owner too, forming Kung Fu Accounting. This company was the world's first ICAEW chartered and BCorp certified accounting business. And through the pandemic, being a business owner nearly killed me (a story for another day). Things I love; numbers, languages, food (cooking and eating!). Things I hate; inequality, childhood poverty, the end of our species. I believe that enough people doing simple things, imperfectly, can and will change the world. And that change starts within; I gave up meat and dairy, then started questioning everything. Literally everything - it's been a wild journey so far (another story for perhaps another day!). Back to accounting; I love my home town, and the people of Stroud deserve to have healthy, happy, thriving lives, and brilliant businesses to match. And having a strong financial foundation is the perfect platform on which to build a business which really works for you. So if you run a business in or around Stroud, and think you could benefit from some accounting discipline and expertise, message me.

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Founder and Chief Activist at Kung Fu Accounting


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) First Class, Accounting