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Smriti Mishra

Data Scientist & Data Engineer


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Background in artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology, computer vision, computational neuroscience, product management, startups, entrepreneurship and tech/career mentorship. ***** • Instagram: • Personal website: • YouTube: • Medium page: ***** I am working towards adoption of data driven solutions and ways of creating opportunities for data analytics in real life business problems. I am passionate about finding patterns and making predictions from empirical data that not only revolutionize the day-to-day work process but also help humanity overcome its most critical challenges. I currently work at Adage as a consultant where I work on data science and data engineering projects to help companies with their data and analytics transformation. Previously, I worked as the head of AI at Earthbanc where she was advocating for innovation in the fight against Climate Change using her knowledge of tech and AI. I worked on creating a dynamic, reliable and accessible Carbon Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) model which would help make the MRV service accessible to landowners with a small area of land (patent-pending). My ultimate vision is to create an inclusive international AI community that extends access to knowledge and resources to more diverse groups, and I am working on numerous projects and initiatives to further this vision. **All my posts reflect my own views and do not represent my employer**

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Current Position

Data Scientist & Data Engineer at Adage


Bachelor of Technology - BTech, Electronics and Communications Engineering