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Ken Cassar

Co-Founder and Co-CEO


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I have the pleasure and privilege of being part of the founding team of an amazing project building highly enabling explainable AI technology. Umnai has an extensive portfolio of deep technology inventions that will shift the frontier of Artificial Intelligence, massively increase the surface area of AI application and usher in a new era of Collaborative Intelligence. I am fascinated by the new paths our technology will open and I am specifically interested in engaging with stakeholders involved and interested in and impacted by machine learning. Discussion welcome about how the world will be different when AI is fully transparent and when human and machine intelligence simply work together without mystery, anxiety and uncertainty. I spend much of my time looking beyond the current horizon, contemplating how our explainable AI technology will provide the tools to evolve beyond the current limitations of AI. Interested in discussing trustworthy AI, explainable AI, Collaborative AI, bias in machine learning, fairness, robustness, legal certainty and liability regulations for AI. Particularly interested in exploring win-win collaborations with thought leaders in the field, creation and participation in impactful and meaningful exploratory projects and in talking to investors who are patient, visionary and who can contribute to helping us maximise our highly enabling impact on the world.

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Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Umnai