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Kimberley Waldron (Fintech PR)

Founder @SkyParlour / MD @Started by SkyParlour


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United Kingdom


We Believe that the world needs more start-up realities. Started by @SkyParlour is a PR and Marketing programme designed for world-changing technology start-ups. We have a unique service that removes compromise when it comes to balancing marketing expertise with early-stage priorities. We want to work with the most exciting and ambitious start-up businesses in Fintech. Every new business exists to make a difference – together we’ll ensure the world understands your purpose and your value. We also understand that timing and believability are key to building credibility for a start-up. We’re here to start the journey with you – even if that decision means saying nothing for a while. Backed by a team of well-known and respected PR and Marketing experts, we offer a service perfectly balanced between a specialist agency and a start-up communications cohort. Our focus is on the calendar of events for the international start-up, entrepreneur, investor media. This includes ones-to-watch lists, start-up show cases, incubator/accelerator events and activity, and regional business activity. Talk to us now about how we can help get your business to the vital next stage of funding, product development, organic growth or stakeholder engagement. We can also help make this possible by exploring options such as: - Small scale equity release options. - Part-funded programmes. Instant feedback from a network of top-level pros in proposition development, digital strategy, investor communications, and influencer engagement. SkyParlour is a communications agency for the international Fintech, Payments, Cybersecurity and eCommerce industries. We are committed to producing meaningful, content-based campaigns that drive positive engagement for our clients – from industry stalwarts to the latest challengers. Our services include brand strategy, PR, media relations, multimedia content creation, brand development, crisis communications, spokesperson profiling and social media management. Based in the UK with a global network, we have been amplifying technology brands across the UK, Central Europe, Australasia and North America for more than a decade.

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Founder @SkyParlour / MD @Started by SkyParlour at SkyParlour


CIM Prof Dip, Marketing